• For Veg times extending beyond 3 weeks, increase base nutrient dosages per additional week as follows:
    ->Aqua Flakes/Cocos: +0.5ml/gallon
    ->Soil/Bio-1: +1-2ml/gallon
  • For aggressive grows, increase your base nutrient dosage by 1-2mL per gallon.
  • Magic Green is a Foliar Spray, and should not be added to your reservoir. Mix separately at 20-40mL per gallon.
  • Use either Top Shooter or Shooting Powder, not both.
  • Algen Extract can optionally be used during the flowering cycle at 1-2mL per gallon.
  • Nitrogen Boost can optionally be used during the first 2 weeks of the flowering cycle at 1ml per gallon.